Energy Balancing

Energy Balancing and Grounding

All living beings are electrical creatures on an electrical planet, and the earth’s natural surface is an omnipresent source of healing energy. But the simple realities of modern life—shoes, carpeting, beds—make it difficult for us to get the skin-to-earth contact our bodies need.


What is Grounding?

Grounding—also knowing as earthing—is the practice of reconnecting our bodies with the Earth’s natural surface charge. At Spa on The Avenue, all energy balancing treatments are performed on a massage table enhanced with a grounding mat—a unique treatment surface that collects and transfers the earth’s energy to you. Research has shown that the use of a grounding mat can:

  • Reduce inflammation
  • Improve circulation
  • Reduce stress and promote calmness
  • Improve skin health


Foot Reflexology

30 Minutes $60

Raindrop Therapy

60 Minutes $103

Realign your energy system with this unique aromatherapy treatment, based on a Native American healing ritual. Nine pure plant aromatherapy blends are gently dropped along your spine one by one, like raindrops. Feather-light massage strokes help to awaken and soothe your nervous system while allowing your skin to absorb each blend. A back massage is followed with a warm compress to release muscle tension and trapped energy. An elongating neck and spine stretch perfectly completes this treatment. Excellent for back pain, calming the nervous system and balancing the energy flow through the spine and entire body.


AVEDA Chakra Balancing Treatment

90 Minutes $166
Experience a powerful new treatment that is both grounding and transformative for the mind, body, and spirit. Our Tibetan Chakra Balancing Treatment includes a full body marma point massage, chakra balancing with semi-precious stones and yogic breathing with guided visualization that focuses on balancing and inspiring your inner being.



45 Minutes $70 | 60 Minutes $100 | 90 Minutes $130
Reawaken your inner luminosity. Reiki is a gentle energy healing treatment that works holistically with the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Rest and receive the natural healing vibrations transmitted through the hands of a Reiki Master.

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