All listed starting prices are based on Silver Level Designer pricing. Service costs will increase by increments for Gold and Platinum levels. Please call for further information.


Single Process Color Services

Demi Permanent Color

From $56
Select from the full shade options of  Goldwell or Wella. Demi Permanent color is a single tone hue that is applied to the hair entirely. The final color is less uniform than permanent color and gives more dimension. Demi color is gentler on the hair and will wash out over time.

Permanent Color

From $56
Select from the full shade options of AVEDA, Goldwell or Wella. Permanent color is a single tone hue that is applies to the hair entirely. Permanent color has the ability to lift or deposit color and maintains its tone.

Elumen Color

From $57
Produced by Goldwell, this permanent color is high performance and oxidant free. With never-before-seen shine, Elumen produces vibrant and true hues without damaging the hair.

Corrective Color

From $140 (consultation required)
Corrective color requires any step necessary for the removal or shifting of existing color to the proper or intended shade. May require multiple lifting, shifting or stripping steps of the original color. Consultation is required.


Color additive: $25 | Conditioning Treatment: $55

Olaplex allows stylists to push the envelope further without compromising the integrity of the client’s hair. As an additive to color and lightener, Olaplex multiplies and links bonds in broken hair, making it stronger and healthier than it was before. Olaplex makes breakage a thing of the past. The benefits of Olaplex can be optimized further by using it as a stand alone deep conditioning service that also acts a pretreatment for all future color services. A benefit of using Olaplex in either form is longevity in color vibrancy.



Triangle Highlights

From $60
Add a pop of contrast with 4 to 6 foils to frame the face.


Partial from $76 | Full from $96
Enhance the depth and definition of your hair with highlights. Partial highlights are foiled through the top half of the hair. Full highlights are woven throughout the entire head to achieve the desired tone.

Multi Dimensional Highlights

Partial from $91 | Full from $108
Receive a total transformation in your hair color! Multiple colors are foiled in the highlighting or lowlighting process to achieve different depths of color from the crown to the ears (partial) or throughout your tresses (full).



Sebastian Cellophanes™

Clear $30 | Color $45
This ammonia-free colorizing gloss treatment translucently illuminates each strand of hair to add shine, shade and shape-enhancing drama to your color. Clear and color gloss options available.