Massage Therapy

Leave your stress at the spa door.

Let Spa on The Avenue create a completely customized massage experience for you. Every treatment begins with a personalized consultation with your massage therapist to determine your areas of focus and appropriate bodywork therapies.
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Custom Massage

Choose from any combination of aromatherapy, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and myofascial release therapies.

30-minute Massage


45-minute Massage


60-minute Massage


90-minute Massage



Massage Treatment Enhancements

Soothing Face & Scalp Massage

20 Minutes $40


The Ultimate Foot Massage

30 Minutes $62

Treat those tootsies to the Ultimate Foot Massage and be amazed by how relaxed you will feel all over. Your treatment begins with a cleansing, aromatic hot towel wrap. Then an aromatherapy foot massage with warm stones pampers your feet, leaving you feeling rejuvenated.


Specialty Massage Treatments

Deep Tissue/Sports Massage

30 Minutes $72 | 45 Minutes $92 | 60 Minutes $102


Warm Candle Massage

60 Minutes $107 | 90 Minutes $137


Pregnancy Massage

30 Minutes $78 | 45 Minutes $93 | 60 Minutes $108

For the expectant mother after the first trimester, this is the perfect way to ease your continual physical transition and help your body adjust to all of the changes. We think every new mom should experience the healing benefits of prenatal massage. Try it once and we guarantee you will feel the same way!


Soothing Stone Body Massage

60 Minutes $107 | 90 Minutes $141

Nurture yourself with this deeply relaxing treatment. Silky smooth basalt stones are heated to the perfect temperature and used to massage away your stress. Feel the warmth of the stones and pure plant aromas penetrate deep into your muscles to release tension from your very core!


Lavender & Calendula Herbal Massage

90 Minutes $142
The ultimate massage experience, this treatment is especially good for soothing dry skin and releasing stubborn tension. For your massage, our own handmade healing herbal infusion of organic calendula and lavender flowers in apricot kernel and olive oil is warmed and used to soothe and deeply nourish the skin. Warm compresses placed over your back help the oils penetrate and release tension along the spine. A complete herbal oil scalp treatment complements your full body massage and takes you to a deeper level of relaxation, soothing away any remnants of stress.


Lemongrass & Ginger Ache-Away Treatment

90 Minutes $142

This invigorating treatment is designed to ease stiffness and increase circulation. Relax as we soothe your aches and pains with a customized massage using our special lemongrass & ginger formula. Lemongrass & ginger work synergistically as they reduce inflammation, aid in tissue repair, and increase circulation. Warm compresses help to further relax tight areas and allow the massage oil to better penetrate your skin. This blend is perfect for those weekend warriors or any athlete in training.


AVEDA Stress Fix™ Body Massage

90 Minutes $145
Clinically proven to reduce feelings of stress, AVEDA’s unique Stress Fix™ aroma blend of lavender, lavandin and clary sage is incorporated throughout this body massage, which combines Swedish and deep tissue massage along with foot reflexology, acupressure point treatment, and a guided meditation to calm and rejuvenate you.


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