Spa Body Treatments

Give your body the ooh-la-spa treatment.

Indulge in the ultimate mind and body rejuvenation with one of our body treatments.  These restorative treatments address all skin care needs from exfoliation, hydration, and detoxification.  All while encouraging a deep state of relaxation.


Lavender Sugar Scrub

60 Minutes $105

Indulge yourself and your skin as you are drenched in our warm organic blend of lavender and calendula oil and then gently buffed with sugar.  Melt the stress and dry skin away with waves of warmth provided by our Vichy Shower hydrotherapy.  A finale of luxurious lotion will complete your experience.  You will feel  relaxed, hydrated and nourished.  This treatment is excellent for all skin types, especially sensitive skin.


Tahitian Coconut Body Polish

60 Minutes $105

Let the scent of pineapple and coconuts whisk you away to the beaches of Tahiti.  This exotic island treatment is an ancient beauty secret of the Tahitian women.  The combination of rich coconut milk, coconut butter, pineapple, and sugar will leave your body richly nourished and buffed.  The Vichy hydrotherapy will feel as if you are in a water fall where all your tension washes away.  Luxurious lotion over your body will finish off your service.  This service is for all skin types, especially dry.

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